Scunthorpe (was RE: Silly censorship)

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Tue Apr 29 12:08:10 EDT 2003

Jennifer Rowland went back to basics:

>> Minnow wrote:
>> > Did any of them live in Scunthorpe?  <nudge, nudge,
>> > wink, wink>
>Jon wrote:
>> You mean that's a real place? I always asumed it was a
>> joke name. Is it anywhere near Maidenhead?
>It's just unfortunate that one of the many thorpes in the Danelaw happened
>to belong to the family of Scunna. (Or similar- I haven't actually looked
>this up, but thorpe is derived from old norse for "farm" or "settlement" or

The residents of the place do have one consolation in store.  If the
water-level of the seas around Britain rises by a hundred feet, most of
Lincolnshire will become a string of small thin islands, and Scunthorpe
will have one all to itself just south of the Sea of York (Leeds will
become a seaport, too, on a sheltered inland sea, which may make it rather
a fine place to be).  The Scunthorpeans will probably become pirates to a

Minnow (who once used the Island of Scunthorpe as a penal colony in
fiction, and is careful always to live more than a hundred feet above

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