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If I remember correctly from my time at the bookstore (Barnes and 
Noble for anyone who cares), we shelved picture books under the 
author's name. When I rand the section, if there was no listed author 
I treated the illustrator as the author and shelved accordingly.

This, of course, made the Caldecott Award section interesting . . . 
the illustrator won the award but the section was alphabetized by 


>In a message dated 4/29/03 5:56:59 AM Central Daylight Time, Sally 
>Odgers writes:
>>Picture books are often (usually) shelved by illustrator, not author. Some
>>authors find this peculiar, since the text exists before the illustrations.
>NOT according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules they aren't! 
>The illustrator is never the "point of entry," even if the work is 
>anonymous (if there's no known author, it goes under title). 
>Bookstores, of course, may do as they like, and of course there may 
>be a different cataloguing code in Australian libraries, I don't 
>know, but in the US and UK, it's strictly author/title and 
>text-based. This sometimes results in odd things such as a 
>completely wordless version of a traditional story being put under 
>the title, despite the fact that almost every detail is the 
>illustrator's conception, while a slightly altered *word* version of 
>a traditional tale, even if not nearly as original, will often go 
>under the alterer's name.
>Jill Paton Walsh is always getting put in the wrong place. She is 
>Paton Walsh, Jill.
>The Library of Congress Name Authority File is a good place to check 
>which way a possibly double-barreled name goes. 
>Helen Schinske

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