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> Picture books are often (usually) shelved by illustrator, not author. Some
> authors find this peculiar, since the text exists before the illustrations.

NOT according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules they aren't! The 
illustrator is never the "point of entry," even if the work is anonymous (if 
there's no known author, it goes under title). Bookstores, of course, may do 
as they like, and of course there may be a different cataloguing code in 
Australian libraries, I don't know, but in the US and UK, it's strictly 
author/title and text-based. This sometimes results in odd things such as a 
completely wordless version of a traditional story being put under the title, 
despite the fact that almost every detail is the illustrator's conception, 
while a slightly altered *word* version of a traditional tale, even if not 
nearly as original, will often go under the alterer's name.

Jill Paton Walsh is always getting put in the wrong place. She is Paton 
Walsh, Jill.

The Library of Congress Name Authority File is a good place to check which 
way a possibly double-barreled name goes. http://authorities.loc.gov

Helen Schinske
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