Who's afraid of Fenris Ulf? (sorry - I couldn't resist that one...)

Abe Gross argross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Apr 29 08:51:40 EDT 2003

> I went back to listen again after my typically-precipitate post on
> accent, and now I'm not as sure as I was. It's just possible it's an
> American _attempting_ an English accent. The result is a slightly
> transatlantic Cockney with traces of Oz. Not at all what you'd expect of a
> privately-educated 1940's English schoolboy, although this version was
> clearly not set in the 1940's anyway (come to think of it it's never
> explained just what the children are doing in the Professor's house, and
> parents' absence goes quite unremarked). The other three children all have
> much more obviously American accents: even with them, though, I sometimes
> wondered if they were occasionally remembering to try and _sound_ English.
> But I'm clearly no Henry Higgins.
> Charlie

Yes, I remember that rather peculiar accent of Edmund's, too--as you say, as
if it's an American trying to sound British. And as you say, the other
characters all have American accents. Weird. I wonder if it was an attempt
to make Edmund sound "stuck up" and "not a nice character".


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