Silly placenames (Re: Silly censorship)

minnow at minnow at
Tue Apr 29 06:22:36 EDT 2003

Jon Noble asked incredulously:

>Minnow wrote:
>> Did any of them live in Scunthorpe?  <nudge, nudge,
>> wink, wink>
>You mean that's a real place? I always asumed it was a
>joke name. Is it anywhere near Maidenhead?

Nah, Maidenhead is in Berkshire, Scunthorpe is in North Lincolnshire,
they're maybe a couple of hundred miles apart.  Well, that's near by some
standards, but in England they're almost at opposite ends of the country.

>Jon -who's never been anywhere with a ruder place name
>than Cockburn which doesn't rival Britain's Cockermouth.

If Cockburn were here (Cockburnspath is, but I don't suppose you wanted to
know that!) it'd be pronounced co-bern, or possibly kern.

In Cornwall there is a place simply called "Cocks", and I'll bet the
residents'd have trouble sending email with some programs.  :-)


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