DWJ's characters, stock? (was Re: Deep Secret, Spoiler Space, Merlin)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Apr 29 06:22:41 EDT 2003

Elise wrote:

Much that I have snipped, and

>Ammet. But those are main characters on whose struggles the plot turns,
>whereas with the Zinka or the xxxxx (in Merl) character it seems to me
>that DWJ
>is not allowing us to assume they are stock characters.

I don't think DWJ knows how to write a stock character.  Even her early
baddies have reasons for what they do, if one looks.  I bet she knows all
sorts of stuff about all her minor characters, she just doesn't have room
to fit it into a book about someone else.

It reminds me of a bit I loved (still do) in a Rosemary Sutcliff, *The
Armourer's House*, in which the mother/aunt gives the children lessons in
the morning, which includes reading from the Bible.  By the time she has
finished, you know what Hoah had for breakfast that day, and the colour of
his Sunday doublet.


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