Who's afraid of Fenris Ulf? (sorry - I couldn't resist that one...)

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Tue Apr 29 04:58:17 EDT 2003

 I did have a copy of the 1979 version on
> tape, but I think it was taped over after wearing out
> from repeated viewings

That's a shame! I could make a  copy of mine if you like (the sound's going,
for the same reason - it's been serially loved by all three children as well
as their father, but I know a guy who could probably fix that). Just let me

 IIRC the version of 1979
> LWW shown on Oz TV had American not British accents
> (but it was long ago)

I went back to listen again after my typically-precipitate post on Edmund's
accent, and now I'm not as sure as I was. It's just possible it's an
American _attempting_ an English accent. The result is a slightly
transatlantic Cockney with traces of Oz. Not at all what you'd expect of a
privately-educated 1940's English schoolboy, although this version was
clearly not set in the 1940's anyway (come to think of it it's never
explained just what the children are doing in the Professor's house, and the
parents' absence goes quite unremarked). The other three children all have
much more obviously American accents: even with them, though, I sometimes
wondered if they were occasionally remembering to try and _sound_ English.
But I'm clearly no Henry Higgins.


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