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Hi, Minnow;

I'm not even going to try snipping you and Hallie - it'd be more snip than
say. I think it's interesting that "Wild Robert" shares themes with "Black
Maria" and "Hexwood", but they are clearly different creatures. WR is a
simple (i.e. single plot) story, while Hex and BM are very complex.  The way
I categorise DWJ (the ones I have) is sort of as follows...

Children's Books - for young kids.

The Four Grannies
Wild Robert

Children's books - more complex, but still for 9 or 10

Wilkins' Tooth
Eight Days of Luke

Children's books - but for mature readers who like mor complex plots.

Charmed Life
Castle in the Air
Power of Three
The Homeward Bounders
The Lives of Christopher Chant
The Magicians of Cuprona

Much more complex, but still light hearted... mature 10 y-o plus.

Howl's Moving Castle
Archer's Goon
The Merlin Conspiracy
A Tale of Time City

Probably best read at 12+ for most readers, because of level of knowledge
needed to catch allusions.

Black Maria
Dark Lord of Derkholm
Deep Secret
Fire and Hemlock
A Sudden Wild Magic
Year of the Griffin

I'd put Howl in this level as well, if it weren't such a joyous book.


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