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Mon Apr 28 17:14:57 EDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, mecha godscylla wrote:

> I'm dedicating my next read to you Anna!

	I am greatly honoured! Actually, I'm about to start a fresh
re-reading too... I've been flitting through the book, looking for
evidence as to whether Zinka was a Magid when Rupert slept with her, but
it's *much* too good a book to be treated in such a cursory fashion & now
I think I will settle down for a long proper read.  Assuming of course
that I ever manage to drum up enough will power to get off line & settle
down with a book...

	I still have no conclusive evidence as to this, but I present this
selection of pointers for your consideration:  we are told that the three
brothers were chosen to replace three Magids that died within six months
of each other. This is why Stan chose & trained all three of them. I
*think* that Stan says (but haven't yet located the page) that he dallied
a year before finally choosing Rupert as he was shocked that his best
candidates would all come from the same family. So that gives at a
generous estimate about a year and a half, max, between Simon being chosen
& Rupert being chosen. Now we know Simon wasn't considered to be
experienced enough as a Magid to train Rupert when Rupert was chosen, but
we can infer that when Zinka was chosen Simon was experienced enough to
train a new Magid, if we take seriously his explanation that the only
reason he wasn't allowed to train her was because he was married to her
(otherwise he might have said, "and I wasn't experienced enough" or
something if he were a scrupulous sort of person & not merely trying to
comfort his little bro). So using this to calibrate our time frame Rupert
was probably a Magid before Zinka was a Magid. Though they may have
qualified contemporaneously I suppose if Simon had become established on
another world while Stan was dithering over Rupert. We also know that
Rupert has been a Magid for only a shade over two years (though I don't
know if this is two years since he was chosen or two years since he
qualified, I assume the latter). Simon & Rupert don't seem to have been in
very close contact for a while, otherwise Simon wouldn't be casually
telling his brother that, oh, by the way, I've been married for three
years, so it doesn't seem beyond the bounds of possibility that Rupert met
Zinka independently of Simon while all three of them were Magids & thus
Rupert inadvertently slept with his sister in law and that this took place
fairly recently... Ooooh, my head hurts now, I think I need a bath &
possibly a cognac!


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