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Mon Apr 28 16:26:17 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:

Zinka has been married to Rupert's brother for three years...
Rupert knows her as a fellow magid & I assume they had the affair while
they were both magids. When Simon tells Rupert that he is married to Zinka 
he does so in the context of explaining that they didn't let him train Zinka 
as a magid because he was married to her at the time, just as they won't let 
Rupert train Maree as they seem likely to marry. Therefore *if* Rupert had 
an affair with Zinka while Zinka was a magid (which seems likely) then Zinka 
had to have been married to Simon at the time.

Oh-ho! I meant to say, but forgot, that I thought Rupert and Zinka's fling 
predated her knowing Simon.  This has overthrown that assumption, and after 
I was so careful to try not to make any assumptions, too.  One of the pesky 
things has crept in, nevertheless. Or nonetheless.  I will have to go back 
and read it again.  How odious.  ;)


I'm dedicating my next read to you Anna!

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