Silly Censorship

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Mon Apr 28 15:53:46 EDT 2003

Hallie O'Donovan asked:
>Ok, potentially the most disruptive question of all: why did DWJ give 
>permission for the changes to _Deep Secret_ in the US YA edition? 
>Could she possibly <gasp> disagree with all of *us* about cutting 
>books?   Or did some agent slip it by her without her really noticing?

She categorically and vehemently disputed every change they had
initially suggested, from start to finish, and couldn't see why they
wanted to bowdlerise nor why they should; then she developed a ten-pound
tumour and required major surgery, and somehow didn't have the energy to
argue it for a couple of weeks, and they went ahead without further
"consultation" and did what they saw fit.  They didn't send her any
copies, and she has been wondering what exactly they had perpetrated
ever since, but hadn't yet got round to pursuing the matter.

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