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>(This is leaving aside the matter of elder sibs saying "You're too young
>for that!".  That may lead to defiant "I am *so* old enough to read
>*Finnegan's Wake*!" and ploughing all the way through just so one can say
>"nyah!" afterwards....  I don't think an eleven year old would be damaged
>by reading *Finnegan's Wake* apart from the possibility that his/her brain
>might explode.  S/he might even understand it or gain something from it,
>which is more than most adults do I suspect.  At that age I loved *The
>Master and Margarita*, which is probably entirely "unsuitable"; I now have
>no idea what it was that so entranced me, but I do know it was all my elder
>brother's fault in the first place.)

There is a book by Antonia Forest - The Ready-Made Family - in which one of 
the main characters spends a lot of time struggling through Persuasion for 
exactly these reasons. One sibling recommends the book slightly 
sarcastically, and then Nicola persists because people keep telling her 
she's too young to understand it. I love the references to this because 
they are very illustrative of her character, and also because there are 
subtle similarities between some of the plot of Persuasion and what Nicola 
is feeling.

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