DWJ on Burgess [was YA/Children's/Adult Books]

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Apr 28 12:37:39 EDT 2003

>I am treasuring DWJ commenting on a previous book of Burgess's, though I
>don't know which[1].  She was involved in a panel of some sort on I think
>the radio, and someone read out a passage from Burgess, and her reaction
>was invited.  Suppressing the urge to describe it as "paltry porn", she
>pointed out that he had a woman turned into a dog as an appropriate
>punishment for her promiscuity on the grounds that female dogs are all
>promiscuous, which, said DWJ firmly, "just shows how much *he* knows.
>Bitches aren't promiscuous: they come into season a couple of times a year
>for a few days and aren't interested at all for the rest of the time.  If
>he can't even get canine sexuality right why does anyone think he knows
>anything about human sexuality either?"
>And nobody murmured "sker-wish", but I expect rather a lot of the audience
>thought it, as I do.
>(See *Dogsbody* for DWJ's treatment of this theme!)

:-)  We got our (independently-) rescue(d) dog just after reading 
_Dogsbody_, and when she came in heat my younger child rather 
wistfully said that it would be fun to take her out just a bit, so we 
could see all the male dogs in the neighbourhood act the way they did 
in _Dogsbody_.  (I did not comply with this wish, though I could 
understand her feeling!)

Love the DWJ comment!  Burgess may know *something* about human 
sexuality, but it seems only to be of the most drear and humourless 
variety, which holds no appeal for me whatsoever.

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