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Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Mon Apr 28 09:52:29 EDT 2003

>But this is impossible, we replied. Say that you consider the word
>"kite" offensive; how are you going to prevent people from using "kyte",
>"kyt", "k1te", etc., while still allowing them to talk about kittens?
>But they didn't care. As long as the _actual words_ weren't visible,
>that was fine with them.
Oh, my. Here we are back in Greater Tuna (the imaginary small Texas town 
that two of our local playwright/actors use to parody Texas foibles). 
Greater Tuna has, among other things, a Smut-Snatchers Society dedicated 
to projects like taking all the "bad" words out of the Bible. In one 
play they had a crisis when somebody pointed out that their very own 
name contained the word "snatch."

Margaret Ball

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