Deep Secret, Spoiler Space, Merlin

Anna Z Skarzynska theania at
Sun Apr 27 20:38:32 EDT 2003

> zinka and rupert had some sort of relationship *before* she married simon.
> don't know if you mean "affair" in the sense of "cheating" but that's what
> it almost always means in the US (but i don't think so elsewhere, does
> christian.

Yes, that's how I always saw it. I thought Rupert and Zinka had been lovers
(occasional?), and he just didn't realize that since then she and his bro
had got together and married.

Single people can have an affair too (which then may turn into a
relationship), but you are right, it does have a slight pall of the illicit
about it. This is how I understand it anyway, but then English is not my
first language. Comments, o native speakers of different varieties of


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