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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 27 20:01:23 EDT 2003

>I've looked, now, at what Christian says were the changes, and frankly my
>dears, those changes seem to me to be piffling fiddling with frills.  Darn
>instead of damn, turds instead of testicles: big deal!  It doesn't look as
>if they have touched any of the things that are of real importance or
>impact, from that (but I'd need to read the bowdlerized edition before I
>can be certain).

yes. this is pretty much the conclusion we came to as a group as well.

the people who make these disctinctions have very narrow views and are 
interested in superificalities. that's because also they're probably aiming 
at placating people who are even more so (loudmouthed parents' groups in 
schools, for example, are probably pleased when they hear the language has 
been toned down, in truth.)

the question about whether it's a valuable exercise to group books by age -- 
i don't think you've done anything to dissuade me from thinking that yes, it 
is valuable. because while we should make decisions for ourselves based with 
specific evidence, what you are ignoring is that the vast majority of people 
on this planet won't be doing that. do i feel like they (and/or their kids) 
should be "protected" (or whatever) from inappropriate materials? no. i'm 
more of a mind to throw anything as subversive and intelligent at their kids 
as possible because i myself am subversive and intelligent and i like the 
idea of things being shaken up beneath the surface.

since i don't have children, don't have much familiarity with children from 
the perspective of an adult, i can't really honestly say what i think is or 
is not appropriate for them. however, i would hesitate to hand a copy of 
deep secret to someone below, say, 13. judging from my own experiences i 
doubt they'd be interested anyway.

when i was 11 or 12 i read lives of christopher chant and charmed life and 
loved them. i read fire and hemlock directly after and slogged through it, 
enjoying little of it and making sense of less. now do i think children 
should be *protected* from it? absolutely not. but if for no other reason 
than saving someone $6 that would be a wasted purchase for their kid, 
sticking that in YA instead of children's is a useful idea. =)


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