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Sun Apr 27 18:36:49 EDT 2003

Charlie pointed the way to otherwhere:

>As I've been blowing the ACHUKACHAT trumpet, anyone interested in the Doing
>It debate might also want to see the reaction on that forum, which features
>contributions from Burgess himself, as well as from the book's publicist and
>some other writers, including a typically committed one from the Vampire
>Kid, Darren Shan.

I am treasuring DWJ commenting on a previous book of Burgess's, though I
don't know which[1].  She was involved in a panel of some sort on I think
the radio, and someone read out a passage from Burgess, and her reaction
was invited.  Suppressing the urge to describe it as "paltry porn", she
pointed out that he had a woman turned into a dog as an appropriate
punishment for her promiscuity on the grounds that female dogs are all
promiscuous, which, said DWJ firmly, "just shows how much *he* knows.
Bitches aren't promiscuous: they come into season a couple of times a year
for a few days and aren't interested at all for the rest of the time.  If
he can't even get canine sexuality right why does anyone think he knows
anything about human sexuality either?"

And nobody murmured "sker-wish", but I expect rather a lot of the audience
thought it, as I do.


(See *Dogsbody* for DWJ's treatment of this theme!)


[1] and am desperately hoping this *was* Burgess, not having read any of
his output and suddenly wondering if memory has played false with the

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