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Minnow said...
> It is always annoying when people decide they know better than you do
> yourself about what you want to read/what you ought to read/what is
> suitable....

Nodnod.  Censorship makes me want to bite people.
> I was going mostly by the fact that Puffin have admitted to committing
> abridgement or revision, often enough for me to think that when they have
> they 'fess up about it; so when they don't say they have, they probably
> haven't.  (I think that makes sense: it's very late at night in my head at
> the moment.)

Yes, it makes sense, and seems a reasonable starting assumption to make.
> My Puffin *Weirdstone* is 1963, and guess what?  It says "This _revised_
> edition published in Puffin Books 1963".  It also says "First published by
> Collins 1960".  And the dedication is "This edition for my parents".  So
> was Collins' first, they let Puffin have it for a bit and Garner made
> revisions for Puffin, then Collins took it back, I suppose, and just
> re-revise the Puffin revisions.

Checking now, my Lions edition says "First published in 1960 by William
Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.  First published in Lions 1971.  Twenty-ninth
impression August 1988."  So at a guess, after the 1960 hardback, Puffin
maybe got the paperback rights and then later sold them back to Collins or

> No, I think it was called "Finn, the Wolfhound" or some very similar
> I no longer have it, I wasn't that struck on dog-books after a bit.
> for the warning about the FH-B (they hyphenate her in Puffin, don't they?)
> book, but can you clarify: is the one you mean *A Little Princess* or *The
> Lost Prince*?

Oh, sorry, I keep on conflating those two titles!  I meant "The Lost
Prince".  In Munich, after the events at the opera, there's this huge long
bit where Marco burbles on to the Rat about Loristan's experiences in the
Mystical East(TM) - that's the major cut in the Puffin edition.  (The
complete version is at Project Gutenberg, if anyone wants to check it out
for themselves.)

(And no, my Puffins don't hyphenate her name; maybe you're thinking of some
other publisher.)

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