Who's afraid of Fenris Ulf? (sorry - I couldn't resist that one...)

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Sun Apr 27 04:02:13 EDT 2003

Spot on, the IMDB dates it at 1979. This movie
actually had different casts for US and UK release.
Incidently it also lists (with no details) a 1967 10
30min episode British version (another site says 9
20min episodes). Anyone seen that? (not the later 1988

Thanks Jon, for this and the links. I guess I saw it in the rerecorded 1980
UK version then, because it's true some of the characters - eg. the
Professor, the Beavers - have English accents. But not, oddly enough, the
children. Except, even more oddly, Edmund - who does. But then an English
accent has long betokened untrustworthiness in US films, has it not? Alan
Rickman has made a career out of that in recent years.

The music is indeed lovely - I'm humming it as I type. And it's interesting
that someone mentioned a Macmillan cover with the Yellow Submarine-ish
cover, because I always thought that the White Witch's dwarf in that cartoon
had more than  a touch of the Blue Meanie about him.

> there are several differences between US andUk
> editions of LWW
> "Some very minor changes were made to The Lion ... and
> The Voyage ... for their American publication. For
> example, the name of the witch's agent is changed from
> "Maugrim" to "Fenris Ulf" and Peter's title from "Sir
> Peter Wolfs-Bane" to "Sir Peter Fenris-Bane." In the
> English edition, Aslan says that the Emperor's magic
> is written "in letters as deep as a spear is long on
> the fire-stones of the Secret Hill." In the American
> he says "in letters as deep as a spear is long on the
> trunk of the world ash-tree." The current (1994)
> Harper Collins American editions have been
> standardised with the English versions."

Thanks for that too! Now the only question is - why? Actually, there's also
Who? And precisely When? Interesting that both the changes you mention have
the effect of Nordifying (?) the book.


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