Who's afraid of Fenris Ulf? (sorry - I couldn't resist that one...)

Abe Gross argross at bigpond.net.au
Sun Apr 27 01:31:16 EDT 2003

Jon wrote:

> Spot on, the IMDB dates it at 1979. This movie
> actually had different casts for US and UK release.
> Incidently it also lists (with no details) a 1967 10
> 30min episode British version (another site says 9
> 20min episodes). Anyone seen that? (not the later 1988
> version).

If you're referring to the cartoon movie, I've seen it. I really like the
music score--it's evocative and magical.

>  It too says Fenris
> > Ulf.

That's right, it does!


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