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Sat Apr 26 19:28:07 EDT 2003

>Christian said: i made a post about this edition before you joined
>the list, it sparked a bit of a discussion. i cannot for the life of
>me find it in the ML archive @ though. i can't figure out
>what to search for in google to make it appear =\
>He actually made three posts:

[snip and store]
I shall take this away and put it where it can be of good use.  Thank you
both very much.

>-Rebecca (who *copied e-mails from an old computer* to have every
>list e-mail from 10/2000 stored in Eudora, in a mailbox neatly
>labelled "DWJ Stuff"

Blimey, isn't that a and b the c of d?  -- and isn't it just what I'd do
myself, to be sure?  Only mine is marked "DWJ" without the "stuff", and
only goes back a month or so as yet.

Cheers, and thanks again.


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