Who's afraid of Fenris Ulf? (sorry - I couldn't resist that one...)

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Sat Apr 26 19:06:26 EDT 2003

--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk> wrote:
> I checked the American cartoon. I couldn't find a
> date, but those polo neck
> jumpers are sooo 1970's and I saw it first around
> 1979.

Spot on, the IMDB dates it at 1979. This movie
actually had different casts for US and UK release.
Incidently it also lists (with no details) a 1967 10
30min episode British version (another site says 9
20min episodes). Anyone seen that? (not the later 1988

 It too says Fenris
> Ulf. (Another mystery - why Ulf rather than Wolf?
> Why try to allude to a
> myth and then prevaricate at the last minute? It
> seems a little maladroit to
> me, and not really Lewis's style.)
> Anyway, it's beginning to look as if Maugrim was
> changed TO Fenris somewhere
> along the line, unless the change was made before
> the third (1956) imprint I
> have. Which is possible I suppose. I can vaguely
> imagine Lewis being
> browbeaten by a bunch of Inklings (with JRRT heading
> the charge) outraged at
> his appropriation of a favourite Norse myth. But CSL
> was probably a hard man
> to bully.

according to this website


there are several differences between US andUk
editions of LWW

"Some very minor changes were made to The Lion ... and
The Voyage ... for their American publication. For
example, the name of the witch's agent is changed from
"Maugrim" to "Fenris Ulf" and Peter's title from "Sir
Peter Wolfs-Bane" to "Sir Peter Fenris-Bane." In the
English edition, Aslan says that the Emperor's magic
is written "in letters as deep as a spear is long on
the fire-stones of the Secret Hill." In the American
he says "in letters as deep as a spear is long on the
trunk of the world ash-tree." The current (1994)
Harper Collins American editions have been
standardised with the English versions."


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