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Sat Apr 26 18:35:57 EDT 2003

The prodigal returns after a longish absence.
I think the last time I posted I'd just defended my doctoral thesis. I then had a mad few weeks, when I was supposed to be putting in a few last corrections, prior to having the thesis hardbound and finally handing it in. Of course, I did everything but, although not only for frivolous reasons- I had to go to London to see a friend who was dying of lung cancer. About two weeks after I went, she took a turn for the worse and died, leaving her husband and two daughters, 11 and 15. She and her husband were my oldest friends in the UK.
anyway, in a mad dash I finished the thesis stuff and handed it in, 2 weeks late, but I was forgiven for that. My poor department. They have been so patient with me. I then had to fill in an application for funding for a MSc Econ. in archives management, which I hope to be doing as of September.
Meanwhile, I have also been partying, sometimes in my son's company! After a month spent with his godmother, Bratzilla has mellowed out somewhat, and our relationship has apparently improved. I do not see much of him. That's OK though. He'll be 16 in less than 2 weeks.
I have been spending time on www.ttlg.com of late, having joined because of the game Morrowind I've been playing. Nice forums.I have been spreading the word about DWJ, by recommending her and by using her quotes as signatures.
 Today I checked out achukachat, as recommended by Charlie here. There is definitely something to be said for the forum format, if I may be so bold to say...
And that's about it. It's good to be back (though I have been reading the posts!)

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