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Sat Apr 26 15:33:17 EDT 2003

Christian said: i made a post about this edition before you joined 
the list, it sparked a bit of a discussion. i cannot for the life of 
me find it in the ML archive @ though. i can't figure out 
what to search for in google to make it appear =\

He actually made three posts:
the one I think to which he refers is as follows:

first up, every instance of damn is now "darn."

in the book, rupert remarks that his brothers used to call him a "a 
little shit." it's "a little brat" and loses much of its comedy.

after maree is stripped by gram white, rupert picks her up and says 
it's one of the most "sensual" experiences he has ever had. in the 
new edition, it's "extraordinary."

worst change, i think: after maree is stripped, rupert tells janine 
that someone has stapled six rabbit testicles to her left breast. (i 
think that's right.) in the new version, it's "six rabbit turds to 
your shirt."

there were a few others i can't remember.

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