starting Abhorsen discussion (it is?)

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Sat Apr 26 13:37:05 EDT 2003

Egged on by Margaret Ball, Melissa Proffitt wrote a longish expose of
Certain Books, and ended:

>I feel much better now for indulging just a little in that vice.

<rapturous applause>
<standing ovation>
<all rise>


>(Yes, that was the gentle, non-scathing, mildly snobbish version.


Snobs are shoemakers, aren't they?  So if something is cobblers, who better
to deal with it than a snob?

>(Jacob's upstairs reading _The Merlin Conspiracy_ right now, which gives him
>the moral right not to be chivvied off to bed in the usual fashion.  Did we
>say we would discuss starting the 22nd?  I'm not in any hurry if we need to
>wait a bit longer, but perhaps we should have a roll call again.)

In this thread?  Isn't this meant to be about, um, checks header, Abhorsen?

If the roll call is about having read Merl, count me in.


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