Rogue reissues of books (was Abarat, etc)

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Sat Apr 26 13:37:07 EDT 2003

Paul Andinach replied to me:

>[John Masefield's _The Midnight Folk_]
>> The best is the Puffin with the illustrations.  The hardback
>> first, which I found and bought very cheap in a jumble sale,
>> doesn't have them, which is a bit sad.
>My copy, although a hardcover, does have the illustrations, I'm happy
>to say. (It is, if I'm reading it right, a 1966 reprint of an edition
>first printed in 1927; which seems a bit odd, but there it is.)

I'm very, very glad they did a hardback with the illustrations, because now
I have something to look out for, but I shan't get rid of the other one
because it is signed by the author.  What it was doing in a jumble sale I
have *no* idea.

>*clutches copy of _The Midnight Folk_ protectively*

Quite right too!  <predatory prowling>

[snap] to where I wrote
>> Robin Hood.
>One thing I do recall is that both my copy and my brother's have the
>boys hunting (anthropophagi and griffin respectively) with Robin
>*Wood*. Which is just as well, since there's quite enough anachronisms
>in the story already.  :)

Yes.  My error.  Three demerits and a bad conduct badge, I know better....

THW does sort of explain the anachronisms by saying somewhere that it is
all set in Old England, which never really existed but *should* have done,
or words to that effect.  (If anyone asks me where, in which edition, this
is to be found I may cry.)


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