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Sat Apr 26 13:37:03 EDT 2003

Paul Andincach replied to Ian W. Riddell, who wrote:

>> OK, I'll bite. What, exactly, is the difference between
>> "nonetheless"  and "nevertheless"? My dictionary offers each as a
>> synonym of the other.
>I expect your dictionary is right, and it's probably just a matter of
>taste; but there are times when one feels definitely right, and the
>other definitely wrong.

Heh!  The 1933 Shorter Oxford has an entry for "Neverthless" in which it is
defined "Notwithstanding; none the less".  It doesn't have an entry for
"Nonetheless".  And under "Notwithstanding" it offers the notion that this
word entered the language in the sense "still, yet" sometime around 1400,
whereas nevertheless is just "ME".

>It's consistent enough that I'm pretty sure I have a mental model for
>which is which, but I'm having trouble figuring out how it works.

Probably depends how Mediaeval you're feeling.  :-)

>Part of the problem is that right now I can't think of a single
>instance in which I would use "nevertheless".

Nevertheless, you'll come up with one given time?


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