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Sat Apr 26 07:28:57 EDT 2003

Charlie replied to a bit of the Fenris Wolf stuff:

>This may be more complicated yet. After reading Dorian's post I went back
>and checked my copy of LWW, which is a hardback Geoffrey Bles from 1956 -
>the third edition. And  I have to say that it's Maugrim there too! But I
>KNOW I have seen (or heard) this wolf referred to as Fenris. And on
>reflection I think (though I will check this tomorrow) that it was in the
>1970's US cartoon version of the book. Where this leaves the name, or Kaye
>Webb, I'm not sure - except it makes me wonder if it isn't another US/UK

I am now baffled too, because I know I have read it being Fenris, and I
know that I can't have got it from the 1970s cartoon because as far as I
know I have never encountered that at all.  When I got myself the Puffin I
noticed the name and thought it was unfamiliar; that would imply I had
already read the book in a hardback of some sort, and I can't think it
wouldn't have been a standard one, in the mid-sixties...


Perhaps we are both in a universe one small step sideways from the one in
which we started out, and it is Fenris there, but that seems just a teeny
bit unlikely.  (Especially given that Jackie S says Macmillan had Fenris in
1971, they must have got it from *somewhere*!  But I can't think of any
reason I'd have seen it there, when I already had it in Puffin.)

I can see having to go and consult the *Letters of C.S. Lewis* to try to
find out whether there is a reference there to the name -- it's just
possible I may have got confused by something in the letters, but that
doesn't seem terribly likely either, though possible since the book came
out in 1966.  If I do that, I may be some time, because though admirable in
many ways it has no index (grrr).


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