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Fri Apr 25 17:33:27 EDT 2003

Minnow then Dorian:
> > If it was edited by Kaye Webb (didn't she do all of them at that point?)
> > then it would I think say if it had been messed about with^W^W^W
> > because she was like that.  There is one strange exception to this rule.
> > She *did not like* the Fenris Wolf, or so I am forced to conclude.  Two
> > books I know of have him by that name in their original hardback: *The
> > Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* has the White Queen's Chief of Police
> > signing himself Fenris, and *The Weirdstone of Brisingamen* has him at
> > end, with his mouth filling the north and eastern sky.  In each case the
> > name in the Puffin edition is different: Maugrim in TLTWATW, and
> > in TWOB.
> ::frowns in puzzlement::  I just checked my copy of "Weirdstone" (I did
> remember Maugrim!), and sure enough, you're right about the name...but my
> copy is published by Lions, which is (or was) an imprint of Collins, so
> presumably Kaye Webb would have had nothing to do with it.  And the
> publishing history on the copyright page doesn't mention Puffin or Penguin
> anywhere.
> My monster all-seven-Narnia-books-in-one-volume has, like my Puffin
> paperbacks, Maugrim, and unfortunately the copyright page only lists first
> editions and gives no indication as to any changes that may have been made
> anywhere along the line.  (snarl)
This may be more complicated yet. After reading Dorian's post I went back
and checked my copy of LWW, which is a hardback Geoffrey Bles from 1956 -
the third edition. And  I have to say that it's Maugrim there too! But I
KNOW I have seen (or heard) this wolf referred to as Fenris. And on
reflection I think (though I will check this tomorrow) that it was in the
1970's US cartoon version of the book. Where this leaves the name, or Kaye
Webb, I'm not sure - except it makes me wonder if it isn't another US/UK


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