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Minnow said...

> Jennifer wrote:
> >The Puffin Carbonel isn't abridged, AFAICT; that is, it doesn't say
> >"abridged" anywhere, although it also doesn't say "complete and

In my experience, you cannot *absolutely* rely on a book being unabridged
*unless* it actually says "complete and unabridged".  For some reason,
abridged books rarely admit the fact, and it's very bloody annoying.  You
have to rely upon knowledgeable friends a lot of the time.
> If it was edited by Kaye Webb (didn't she do all of them at that point?)
> then it would I think say if it had been messed about with^W^W^W abridged,
> because she was like that.  There is one strange exception to this rule.
> She *did not like* the Fenris Wolf, or so I am forced to conclude.  Two
> books I know of have him by that name in their original hardback: *The
> Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* has the White Queen's Chief of Police
> signing himself Fenris, and *The Weirdstone of Brisingamen* has him at the
> end, with his mouth filling the north and eastern sky.  In each case the
> name in the Puffin edition is different: Maugrim in TLTWATW, and Managarm
> in TWOB.

::frowns in puzzlement::  I just checked my copy of "Weirdstone" (I did
remember Maugrim!), and sure enough, you're right about the name...but my
copy is published by Lions, which is (or was) an imprint of Collins, so
presumably Kaye Webb would have had nothing to do with it.  And the
publishing history on the copyright page doesn't mention Puffin or Penguin

My monster all-seven-Narnia-books-in-one-volume has, like my Puffin
paperbacks, Maugrim, and unfortunately the copyright page only lists first
editions and gives no indication as to any changes that may have been made
anywhere along the line.  (snarl)

>  I suppose there may be other tiny changes I haven't noticed, but
> mostly Puffin seems honest.  (And I once wasted a lot of time getting hold
> of a hardback copy of a book they had marked as "abridged", only to find
> that they had been *absolutely right* to cut out as much as they had,
> because the original was greatly improved by having all the verbiage
> trimmed away!)

Could that have been Frances Hodgson Burnett's "A Little Prince", by any
chance?  That is actually marked as being abridged in my Puffin Classics
edition, so I went and got the complete version from Project Gutenberg, and
I can *quite* see why the chunks of vaguely Eastern mysticism were chopped.
They're hugely dull, scarcely credible, and add almost nothing to the story.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian (who would like the *choice* to reject bits of books, dammit!).
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