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Fri Apr 25 12:13:47 EDT 2003

Kale danced around singing:
>I agree on all counts.  There was another book that was set in the same
>world called _When the King Comes Home_; I made the connection mostly
>because there was a Nallaneen in the story.  I feel like it is set many years
>before ACoM--does the name Ludovic Nallaneen sound familiar?

So there *is* another one..!  When someone mentioned there being a sequel 
that hasn't come out yet, I thought that perhaps I had lost my mind, 
because I sure borrowed *something* set on the same world from the 
library!  I have to admit I didn't get all the way through it, though -- I 
can't remember the details, but I remember being turned off by the style, 
and slogging through a good number of pages waiting for something to happen 
before giving up.  I do faintly recall that the part I got through involved 
a great deal of social machinations by various characters playing 
favorites, looking impressive, being manipulative, etc. which I've never 
found terribly interesting, so it might have just been me.

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