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Jennifer wrote:

>The Puffin Carbonel isn't abridged, AFAICT; that is, it doesn't say
>"abridged" anywhere, although it also doesn't say "complete and unabridged".

If it was edited by Kaye Webb (didn't she do all of them at that point?)
then it would I think say if it had been messed about with^W^W^W abridged,
because she was like that.  There is one strange exception to this rule.
She *did not like* the Fenris Wolf, or so I am forced to conclude.  Two
books I know of have him by that name in their original hardback: *The
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* has the White Queen's Chief of Police
signing himself Fenris, and *The Weirdstone of Brisingamen* has him at the
end, with his mouth filling the north and eastern sky.  In each case the
name in the Puffin edition is different: Maugrim in TLTWATW, and Managarm
in TWOB.  I suppose there may be other tiny changes I haven't noticed, but
mostly Puffin seems honest.  (And I once wasted a lot of time getting hold
of a hardback copy of a book they had marked as "abridged", only to find
that they had been *absolutely right* to cut out as much as they had,
because the original was greatly improved by having all the verbiage
trimmed away!)


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