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Fri Apr 25 10:01:05 EDT 2003

Emma wrote about the Grauniad:

>I wasn't that impressed with the article. I think the darker aspects of
>Diana's work were over-emphasised, and disliked inaccuracies such as
>"So, in her latest novel, The Merlin Conspiracy - her first for 10 years -

Being fair, the Collins publicity has led to them *all* making that
mistake, because it claims this as her first children's book in a decade.
I am still trying to work out what it is in *Deep Secret* that people think
is unfit for children any more than any of her other work -- can someone

>the wizard world is one of detached families; nobody stays together."

I agree that this postulates a "wizard world" that doesn't particularly
exist, what one has is the mundane world and occasional magids, but if we
start to debate that it'll be a spoiler for the people who haven't yet got

>But yes, it is good that the books are more widely known these days. And I
>agree that finding out that we are a cult readership is surprising but
>pretty cool!

Oh, I dunno: it would be even cooler to be a *sect* readership, just to be
a bit different from all the other lots.  :-)

Meantime and in a different universe, I just read the uncorrected proofs of
a book due out in Septmber 2003 from Firebird in NY; edited by Sharyn
November, called *Firebirds*, short stories by all sorts of folk including
a DWJ called "Little Dot" that I hadn't ever heard of...  Fun.
Recommended.  Note-in-the-diary time, if it hasn't already been pointed out
to this list -- as a newcomer I can never be sure what may have been going
on before I arrived, because I don't have web-access for archives, so if I
am peddling stale news  please forgive me.


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