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Fri Apr 25 00:25:39 EDT 2003

At 10:30 AM 4/24/2003 +0100, Jennifer Rowland wrote:

> > Anna Clare McDuff danced around singing:
>  A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer, I've never read
> > >anything by her alone, can anyone advise me as to whether I
> > should let
> > >her sit around in my cyber basket too?
> >
>Denise wrote:
> > I've read both.  ACoM has a *lot* in common with SaC, and
> > really is a neat  book to read.
>ACoM is a brilliant book and you should get it (another one set in the same
>universe, Scholar of Magics, is coming out sometime this year or next), but
>it feels quite different to SaC to me- less fluffy, maybe. Mairelon the
>Magician (by Wrede alone) seems to me to be more similar to SaC, although
>that could be because the setting is magical Regency England rather than
>Middle Europe.

I agree on all counts.  There was another book that was set in the same
world called _When the King Comes Home_; I made the connection mostly
because there was a Nallaneen in the story.  I feel like it is set many years
before ACoM--does the name Ludovic Nallaneen sound familiar?  It felt like
it was set during the Renaissance period.  Lots of stuff about art.  It's about
a girl named Hail Rosamer who comes from a family of wool merchants.
She apprentices at an atelier and she's quite passionate about her studies.
Mixed in is a folk legend of "When the King Comes Home" and dark magic.
Oh and a few fun librarian quotes, which I think constitute as spoilers so 
I won't
share them.  I'm really looking forward to _Scholar of Magics_--is it a direct
sequel or just set in the same world?


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