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>>From: "Hallie O'Donovan" Who wants to bet whether Deep Secret will turn up
>>in children's also when it's reprinted in December?
>cheerfully bowlderized like the US childrens' edition? hope not. =P
>that book really is not for kids.

Ah.  Thank you.  There was much and very heated consultation about that
edition, if it is one that came out some time last year, and when they
didn't send any author's copies it seemed likely they had done their worst.
I can't exactly say that it's *good* to have that confirmed, but at least
I can ask a couple of questions I have wondered about.

Did they really fail to see "stripped" as being a technical term invented
for that book and carefully explained in context, and change it to
something else everywhere it occurred because they thought it meant
"stripped of clothing" (presumably because they hadn't read the book or the
passages in question)?

Is it true that although they objected strongly to the use of "Oh damn!"
they didn't mind "Oh bugger!", and so when it was sarcastically suggested
they should change every damn to a bugger they solemnly did so?

Enquiring Minds In England Need To Know.

If an author is consulted about a new edition, vetoes certain changes and
is ignored, and the book goes out with those changes incorporated against
the author's explicit instructions, is there any come-back for the author
short of legal action?  Or is the only redress making vicious fun of the
people responsible at every opportunity, and spreading the word as widely
as possible that this is what has happened?

>hey, what about a kids' edition of sudden wild magic, let's tear out
>everything about zillah and mark! and maureen and joe. and uh, everything
>that happens on arth involving the girls. and lady marceny and ....


*I* know you're joking, *you* know you're joking, but please don't say that
above a whisper in case someone takes you seriously.

Minnow (feeling cross about busibodies in offices who think DWJ doesn't
know how to write better than they do!)

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