DWJ in Today's Guardian, and untrimmed pages

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 21:34:32 EDT 2003

Minnow wrote

<Anna pointed out

>        There's a DWJ article in todays 
Guardian, I've put a link to the
>online story below, there's a photo in the print

edition. I was
>especially interested in what she has to say 
about JK Rowling...

Her husband (whose name they got wrong) 
apparently said sadly that he saw
no sign in the article of the intelligence he 
thought he had detected in
the interviewer; and I didn't think the photo did

her justice.  But I do
love it when DWJ is gently kind about JK Rowling 
and the possibility that
JKR read DWJ as a child.  I think I once heard 
JKR saying on the radio that
she admired DWJ's work.>

Um what IS her husband's name? I think he's being
a bit harsh about the interview(er), she doesn't
mention Rowling until the end, she's noticed the
prevalence of bad mothers and has clearly read
TMC*. On the other hand I don't quite see
Chrestomanci as having being anything but a very
distant relation  of Mary Poppins and the
following sounds like bad word processor editing 

"But children reading the reissued Chrestomanci
books soon commented on the likeness to Harry
Potter: school background to the magic, refering
to a character as one who must not be

I quote aminly to ask if anyone knows what that


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