Missing books

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Apr 23 18:04:39 EDT 2003

>>From: "Hallie O'Donovan" Who wants to bet whether Deep Secret will 
>>turn up in children's also when it's reprinted in December?
>cheerfully bowlderized like the US childrens' edition? hope not. =P
>that book really is not for kids.
>hey, what about a kids' edition of sudden wild magic, let's tear out 
>everything about zillah and mark! and maureen and joe. and uh, 
>everything that happens on arth involving the girls. and lady 
>marceny and ....

LOL.  Or SAO.   (Shuddering All Over, of course.)   Christian, in 
days to come they may call this practice ferriciding, rather than 
bowdlerizing!  :-)  You have a definite Gift...


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