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Wed Apr 23 17:55:25 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>Not that it's the most important thing about the interview, but I was
>interested in the way that Jones was referred to throughout as 'Wynne
>Jones'. This seems to happen now and then, and goodness knows how many sales
>double-barrelled writers lose through it, by having potential customers fail
>to find them in the wrong the part of the bookshop. In Jone's case it's a
>problem of long-standing: I recently had a library copy of Changeover in my
>hands (!!!) and, peering down inside the sellotaped cover to peek at the
>spine, I saw that it said 'Wynne-Jones Changeover'....

It's really annoying in particular because "Wynne" isn't a surname at all
in this case, it's a Welsh female forename.  So it's as if they were
insisting on putting someone called, oh, Mary Ann Evans under A-for-Ann,
and then hyphenating it as Ann-Evans.

(And I *think* that probably the answer to your question in another bit of
this thread, "Now, which man's father is my father's son?", is that the man
you're looking for is called Bob -- in the conservatory with the


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