DWJ in Today's Guardian, and untrimmed pages

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 23 17:55:20 EDT 2003

Anna pointed out

>        There's a DWJ article in todays Guardian, I've put a link to the
>online story below, there's a photo in the print edition. I was
>especially interested in what she has to say about JK Rowling...

Her husband (whose name they got wrong) apparently said sadly that he saw
no sign in the article of the intelligence he thought he had detected in
the interviewer; and I didn't think the photo did her justice.  But I do
love it when DWJ is gently kind about JK Rowling and the possibility that
JKR read DWJ as a child.  I think I once heard JKR saying on the radio that
she admired DWJ's work.

Anna also assured me

>        I've just done a totally unscientific survey of recent American
>hardbacks I own, and most of them seem to have trimmed pages, including my
>Greenwillow Year of the Griffin...

ooh, then I may have a rare untrimmed copy that'll be worth zillions in
years to come and pay for my daughter's tertiary education?  Or at least
allow me to visit all the shops people here keep suggesting, and buy far
too many books for my current budget?

No, I didn't think so really.  :-(  Back to the day-job.


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