Missing books

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 23 17:55:19 EDT 2003

Charlie quite reasonably wasn't convinced by my saying:

>> Apparently the answer
>> is simply that the publishers only put in the front-list those books
>> which they have on their own list at the time the book goes to print.

>I still don't understand why Hexwood isn't listed though, which is published
>in the US by HarperTrophy (I think) which is therefore part of the same
>group as Greenwillow. Or is there internecine rivalry between imprints?

Dunno.  Maybe Methuen got stroppy, or got it back, or something.  Like I
said, publishers' ways are a mystery to us ordinary folk.

I think the "if it isn't on our list we don't advertise its existence"
thing pretty-much holds good, so maybe they don't count HarperTrophy as
being the same company, just like Disney don't always admit to all the
imprints they own and not all their imprints would mention each other.

Or maybe if it isn't on their very own list, the junior employee who hunts
up the information wouldn't know it existed.


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