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Wed Apr 23 17:02:28 EDT 2003

Quoting Anna Clare McDuff <amcduff at> on Wed, 23 Apr
2003 16:06:31 -0400 (EDT):

> other day I went into this super second-hand fantasy
> & sci fi bookshop in
> my neighbourhood & came out somewhat guiltily
> clutching *five* Sheri S
> Teppers... I can only say in my defense that I
> really really wanted them.

If there were five Sheri Tepper books that you didn't own, then you
didn't just want NEEDED them. No guilt involved!
> 	Preparing to put my nose back into Tepper's
> Gibbon's Decline and
> Fall,

Ah, what fun. It's going to be at least five years before I've
forgotten enough of GD&F to be able to reread it.

 Last month I spent a week with a bunch of intelligent, literate women
who don't read a lot of fiction but wanted recommendations. I
suggested Gibbon's Decline and Fall for the ones who were interested
in sf and Dunnett's Lymond series for the ones who preferred
historical fiction. Be interesting to see if anyone actually reads the


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