Wynne Jones

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 16:13:53 EDT 2003

> In Jone's case

I wince at this typo pre-emptively, lest any graduates or indeed freshmen of
the Pedantic College feel the need to wince on my behalf...

> "No, Tim Wynne-Jones and Diana Wynne Jones ..."
>    "... are not married"
>    "... are not related"
>    "... are not shelved next to each other"
> Though they are both brilliant.  Note the hyphen, for heaven's sake!

Not that hyphens are a sure guide: my own children's surnames (at least some
of them) are not hyphenated, though they are double-barrelled. Another is
double-barrelled (differently) AND hyphenated. My wife and I are neither of
the above, though our surnames are not the same.

Now, which man's father is my father's son?


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