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Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Wed Apr 23 16:06:31 EDT 2003

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003, Denise DeGraf wrote:

> I've read both.  ACoM has a *lot* in common with SaC, and really is a neat
> book to read.  If your slowness at buying books is partly financial and
> you're in the USA, I could lend you my copy easily enough.  (I'd lend it if
> you're in another country as well, but at that point the cost of shipping
> is almost the same as how much the book itself costs!)  Of course, this
> assumes that my copy isn't already lent out, and I'm not sure of that right
> now...

	Thank you, that's a really sweet offer, but as I'm in London and will sell me a copy of aCoM for less than four quid, I won't
impose on you! I'll wait until I can buy more books & make sure I get my
hands on it though, if it's similar to SaC then it's something I've been
waiting for for years! My amazon-dawdling is partly financial & partly
practical (I have a ravenous appetite for books and would have to be
really very rich indeed to buy *everything* I want) and partly because the
other day I went into this super second-hand fantasy & sci fi bookshop in
my neighbourhood & came out somewhat guiltily clutching *five* Sheri S
Teppers... I can only say in my defense that I really really wanted them.
If there are any listmembers in London who've not been there, I do highly
recommend the Fantasy Centre in Holloway Road, just a bit up from Highbury
& Islington tube. Near the central Islington library & opposite a bondage
shop with a rather large display window. It's just *stuffed* full of
treasures... the bookshop I mean...

	Preparing to put my nose back into Tepper's Gibbon's Decline and


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