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Wed Apr 23 14:04:18 EDT 2003

	There's a DWJ article in todays Guardian, I've put a link to the
online story below, there's a photo in the print edition. I was
especially interested in what she has to say about JK Rowling...,3605,941676,00.html

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 minnow at wrote:

> I have both sitting in front of me right now and I'm going to be really
> judgemental....  :-)

	Oh goody!
> The purple-mauve-and-green-spangled-dragon-and-menhirs with wizard
> Greenwillow one might have been something the artist had around in a drawer
> when the book was described, and tweaked to fit (and what are all those
> skyscrapers doing on the horizon at Stonehenge?)  The elephant-and-flowers
> Collins cover was commissioned to go specifically with this book and this
> book only, and was altered at the request of the author to bring it even
> closer to the story, which is a rather rare and special thing to have
> happen.

	That is interesting & I have to say it *does* make me feel warmer
towards my Collins edition!  I might wait until the next time I am on the
other side of the pond to decide if I need a second Merlin in my life.
When I saw early scans of the Collins Merlin cover my heat sank to see yet
another small swirly design, but it *is* better, both more delicate & more
definite, than the swirl they burdened Charmed Life with for example. I
have to say I find a lot of the recent reissues quite bewilderingly ugly.
I bought everything I was missing anyway, plus lots of copies for friends
& family but the covers meant that this was less of a joy than it might
have been, and I actually returned the copy of Charmed Life I bought to
Amazon, purely because ofthe poor design. I looked at it & decided that
I'd just stick with my original copy of CL, a Pocket paperback my
stepfather gave me in 1980, with a rather witchily Edwardian drawing of
Gwendolen, Cat, beasties, flowers, trees and castle; still readable, but
only after you fight through all the sellotape that holds it together...
the problem is, it's so delicate I can hardly bear to lend it out so one
of these days I'll *have* to buy a sturdier copy...

> One other thing, I don't know if this is standard for all US books now or
> whether it is even the case for all copies of Merl, but the pages on the
> Greenwillow one are untrimmed, and are difficult to run through one's
> fingers looking for a particular page.  Is that usual?

	I've just done a totally unscientific survey of recent American
hardbacks I own, and most of them seem to have trimmed pages, including my
Greenwillow Year of the Griffin...


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