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Wed Apr 23 13:16:03 EDT 2003

Ian asked, ages ago:

>Did anyone else notice that Hexwood and Deep Secret were missing from
>the list of DWJ's books at the front of The Merlin Conspiracy?
>Anyone know of any reason (other than shoddy editing) that this would be so?

I waited until I could answer this and be sure I was right, rather than
just guessing (even though I had guessed right anyway).  Apparently the
answer is simply that the publishers only put in the front-list those books
which they have on their own list at the time the book goes to print.
Greenwillow have a more complete list of DWJ's books at the front because
they are at present publishing more of her books than Collins are in
England.  Neither has all her backlist, so neither puts the whole backlist
inside the front cover.

Boring, isn't it.  *sigh*  But that's what the lady says.

As for what they decide is and isn't adult, older teen, or whatever other
pigeonhole they are trying to plug this year, that has most authors as
baffled as it has always had me.  *A Sudden Wild Magic* was commissioned by
a British publisher who wanted "an adult book", but blowed if I can see why
they then lost their nerve and decided not to take it after all, for what
felt like years, until it was finally picked up by Morrow....  I think they
were frightened of overt mentions of foreskins, or something.  But if they
didn't want it to be for adults why did they ask her to write a book for

In the plug copies for the trade and press, Collins said "To celebrate the
global launch of Diana Wynne Jones's first new children's bookin over a
decade, Collins are launching a highly visible, targeted marketing and
publicity campaign".  So according to them *Crown of Dalemark*, or possibly
*Hexwood*, would be the last thing she wrote for children, I suppose.  But
she didn't seem to agree, in various local radio interviews over the

Yours bewildered by the ways of publishing folk....


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