Abarat, etc

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Apr 23 07:08:03 EDT 2003

> Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
> >A Much, Much Better Book, which I have just finished and which has
> >Drastically Affected my Prose Style, Such as it Is, is Land 
> of Green Ginger
> >by Noel Langley (1937)

Minnow wrote:
> You share this taste with DWJ, who talked about it a lot at a science
> fiction convention once. 

I did wonder if she might have read it. How nice!

>Apparently the fact that an edition came out
> at one point with a whole lot chopped from it made her very angry
> because, it having been out of print for ages, she rushed excitedly out
> and bought copies as presents for people she felt ought to have a chance
> to read it, and only found out afterwards that it wasn't the whole thing
> as she had remembered it.

Oo-er! I hope this one isn't abridged. Puffins usually weren't, ISTR, but
I'll have to check.
> >I found it in Quinto- the secondhand book shop at the corner 
> >of Charing Cross Road and Great Newport St- 

> Dear Jennifer, you are a Hazard to Shipping, and that shop is an
> expensive destination.  Two pounds fifty doesn't sound a lot, but it
> depends how many books they have that happen to fill gaps in the
> shelves!  

I apologise to all who are poverty-struck. I felt I should share the pain
Two-fifty did seem quite a lot for much-read paperbacks (specially the ones
with 10p stickers from other shops on them!) but some of them are worth it.
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