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On Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:33:12 -0700 (PDT), Jon Noble wrote:

>> >Anyway, overall it felt like a satisfying
>> ending--however, I felt the same
>> >way about _Sabriel_.  If Nix ever does set any more
>> books in this world, I
>> >wonder what he would write about?  He sure does the
>> cataclysmic
>> >end-of-the-world thing well....
>I'm not sure if I'd want more in this world. After two
>end-of-the-world cataclysms he can't go there any

That's exactly my feeling.  If that's all he can think of to do with this
world, it would start to seem a little hackneyed.  This contrasts wildly
with my feeling that I'd like to read more about the *characters*...though
in fact I think I'd just like to live there and get to know them rather than
read a book about them, if you see what I mean.  Those daily little
struggles aren't usually interesting enough (or thematically connected
enough) for an actual novel.

I have read some of Nix's Seventh Tower series, which is excellent juvenile
fantasy.  But with the emphasis on the juvenile.  It's tempting to criticize
the series for what it lacks, because he writes as well for these books as
he does for the more, um, mature books, but truthfully I think he's doing
the field a HUGE service.  I'm annoyed with juvenile books that are poorly
written, poorly characterized, oversimplified, and excused with the mantra
"we're just glad kids are reading ANYTHING."  And yet there is no reason for
writing craft to be sacrificed in order to attract budding readers, because
it's the one thing that kids don't notice when they're starting out (unless
they've gotten hold of something beyond their reading level).

Melissa Proffitt

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