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> they have a whole bay of Puffins in
> >the basement at the moment. It made me absurdly happy browsing through 
> them,
> >there are so many wonderful books I remember from my childhood. They're
> >?2.50 each, but when I asked myself which I would rather have, ?2.50 or
> >Comet In Moominland, the answer was obvious. I also got My Friend  Mr 
> Leaky,
> >The Four-Story Mistake and Carbonel. 

I just ordered a copy of Carbonel because of Pamela Dean's recommendation 
thereof, and made a point of ordering it from a shop that had three or four 
other things I wanted to buy to save on the ridiculous shipping.

Guess which item of the four I ordered turned out to have JUST been sold? 
Grrrr. (No, it wasn't at that shop, so you didn't get MY copy.)

There is some edition of Carbonel that is abridged, but I don't think the 
Puffin is. Could you check for me, though, just in case?

Helen Schinske
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