Atonement (OT but no spoilers)

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Apr 21 11:50:06 EDT 2003

> > Which is, for example, why I stopped halfway through Ian McEwan's
> > "Atonement." The first half was such a stunning piece of writing that
> > I wanted some time to go by efore I started in on the second half
> > (which takes place a few years later). It's sitting on my bedside
> > table, waiting for the moment I finish Merlin.
>It's all stunning. I thought the second section was even better than the
>first, though all the critics I'd read had focused on the country house bit.
>I wonder if you'll agree? Mind you, my enjoyment of Part One was mitigated
>by my daughter (who reads a lot of Agatha Christie) repeatedly asking, have
>you found out what her Crime is yet, have you, have you? What is it? And
>when I did, she said - oh, is that all?

I read a couple of McEwan's books years ago, but swore never to read 
another one because they were so vile. Has he let go of the dead bodies 
buried in concrete in the basement as a surprise ending? What do you like 
so much about his writing?

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