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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sat Apr 19 18:33:12 EDT 2003

Having just finished Abhorsen I can now join in.
--- Emma Comerford <emmaco at> wrote:
> At 05:31  14/04/03 -0600, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> >Using Kyra's post as a jumping-off platform....
> >
> > >(and my discussion will include all three books,
> because I didn't get to
> > >discuss _Sabriel_ and _Lirael_ before)
> > >
> > >p
> > >u
> > >t
> > >t
> > >i
> > >n
> > >g
> > >
> > >i
> > >n
> > >
> > >s
> > >p
> > >o
> > >i
> > >l
> > >e
> > >r
> > >
> > >s
> > >p
> > >a
> > >c
> > >e
> > >
> > >h
> > >e
> > >r
> > >e
> > >
> >
> >
> >The thing I decided when I finished _Abhorsen_ is
> that I would like to read
> >more about these characters, but not in the sense
> of wanting a sequel.  I
> >liked the people enough that I wished some of the
> other things that happened
> >to them could be told.  And, yes, I would also want
> to read about their
> >lives later on, like just how Sabriel and Lirael
> learn to be sisters, and so
> >forth.  Or something from the Ancelstierre side of
> things.  They were good
> >characters.
> >Anyway, overall it felt like a satisfying
> ending--however, I felt the same
> >way about _Sabriel_.  If Nix ever does set any more
> books in this world, I
> >wonder what he would write about?  He sure does the
> cataclysmic
> >end-of-the-world thing well....

I'm not sure if I'd want more in this world. After two
end-of-the-world cataclysms he can't go there any
more. This is what has happened to Terry Goodkind,
which is becoming like a series of Russian Dolls with
another end-of-the-world disaster waiting as result of
preventing the previous one. But it is a wonderful
piece of subcreation, a beautifully realised world and
great characters, even the minor ones seem real rather
than cardboard cutouts put in to advance the plot. A
short story collection would be interesting.

> I think there's room to talk more about the
> wallmakers. And I'd like to 
> read more about the Clayr. Although I have to say
> that when I started 
> _Lirael_ I was thinking "where were these cool
> people before? What's the 
> pooint of seeing forward if they couldn't stop the
> whole royal famiy being 
> slaughtered?"

This aspect didn't worry me, can they see what happens
in Ancelstierre?, and simply not being able to see the
Royals doesn't mean they aren't there. I must say the
opening prologue was a shocker. I reread it just to
see if it actually said they were dead (which of
course it didn't), they I thought "Ah Ha, there are
also two interludes, they're still alive" but it
certainly gets you in.

Has anyone read anything else by Nix. I've read
Shade's Children and there are some interesting
comparisons between the Dead and the treatment of the
Children. Nix certainly does that sort of thing well.

Another thought of mine is that this is one of the few
fantasy books I'd really like to see filmed (if done
properly), it would have to be a Horror movie but a
very different one. Onr, perhaps, that could reshape
that genre.


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